Less is more

Why less is more

We have been doing some market research lately and all the moms were saying the only way they can see…

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Why cleanse?

Our skins are quite fancy in that they have a barrier (aka epidermis), dermis (next layer down), hypodermis (aka fat…

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Face mask

Are face masks useful?

The first recorded face mask was in the 18th century in England and at the time called a face glove.…

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Plastic free July

There is a global phenomenon aiming to reduce the amount of plastic in the world and many of them are…

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Why NATURAL skin care?

With all the hype around ’natural’ skin care I researched why natural would be better than chemicals when I first…

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What is in a lip balm?

When you are speaking to someone face to face the focal point is the lips, we watch the lips the…

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Skin Myths

There seem to be a few myths out in there, fake news doesn’t help in working out what is real…

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