Is Nurture Skin ‘natural’?

This is the most important question you should be asking for any skin care product, and yes, we are 100% natural. All skin care that is a cream or a wash needs to use preservatives, but note that not all preservatives are bad. For example, the oldest form of food preservative is salt. We use Benzoic acid, naturally derived from the gum in tree bark, and sorbic acid – both of which are approved by EcoCert, the international organic inspection and certification body.

Do you test your products on animals?

No! We never will. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. We use natural ingredients and once a product is complete, we run a trial focused on a range of kids between the age of 2 and 12 years old. The product is always tested first on myself, and then goes into trial.

Do you use alcohol or any animal ingredients?

No, we don’t believe that alcohol should be used in products for kids’ skins. We don’t use any animal products to ensure we are vegan, halaal and kosher friendly.

Where are the products made?

We make everything ourselves in South Africa. We try to get ingredients from local farmers to reduce our carbon footprint. At times this is not always possible, we then ensure we plant more trees to reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to you, using our courier service.

Free Delivery

We deliver your products for free for any order over R450