I have always been an entrepreneur, or as my friends say, a ‘doer’. I have started businesses in the e-commerce, financial and insurance industries. However, it was only when I became an aunt just over 16 years ago, and then a mother, that I discovered my passion for creating safe skin care products for children.

This passion was born from my worry when my nieces and my little girls would dig into my make-up and toiletry case, because I knew the ingredients could possibly hurt their sensitive skin. I was fortunate enough to know an amazing Cosmetic Scientist and together we formulated a range that I felt secure in knowing that the product would be safe for the largest organ, being the skin.

In the past few years we have all started to worry what our kids are eating. We stay away from processed food and try to keep it as close to the natural source as possible. Why not the same with skin? In several studies, depending on the skin condition, the skin can absorb as much as 60% of the ingredients – shouldn’t we then also keep close to the source of ingredients for our skin products as well?

I wanted to ensure that what we put on our children’s skin both protects it and keeps it healthy, while also not being harmful to the environment.
After reading lots of scientific journals and gaining an understanding of what is good and what is bad, I thought to myself, “Why not make it easy for other moms, aunts, grannies and godmothers to know how to nurture new skin well?”. One way I do this is to show you what each ingredient brings to the product.
As with any other mother, my children are my priority. You can rest assured that whatever I sell, I also use on my priority, making it safe for you to use on your priority. After five years of creating, testing and conducting trial runs on natural, nurturing skin care, we have created Nurture Skin.

We live by our mantra:

    • Natural (no alcohol or animal products used)
    • Transparent (we tell you ALL of our ingredients)
    • Locally sourced ingredients (majority of our ingredients are sourced in South Africa to keep our carbon footprint low)
    • Tested (our products are tested in a laboratory first and never on animals)
    • Trialled (I do trials with a range of children and moms before selling it to you – check out our videos)
    • Give back (we buy solar lights for underprivileged kids, so that they can study in the dark)

Why the name Nurture Skin? ‘Nurture’ just ticked all the boxes – it’s what women do well (and naturally) and why not extend our nurturing capability to our skin care as well!
Our mantra: ‘Create, test and trial natural skin care that nurtures humans and our world’